How to set-up and use the Jira integration

With the Jira integration you will be able to link issues with ideas in Conflux. You can also set up post-functions in your workflow to automatically transition the status of your Conflux ideas.


Install the Jira addon from the Atlassian Marketplace, and click the configure button at the manage add-ons page to connect to your Conflux account:

You can now link a Jira issue on the idea detail page in Conflux:

To automate idea status transitions, set up a post function for the transition in your Jira workflow. To do this navigate in Jira to settings -> issues -> workflows and click edit on the workflow you would like to use. Click on a transition name (for instance Done) and head over to the post functions tab. Click add post function and choose a status to transition to. Any issue linked with the Jira issue will transition to this selected status (to for instance Implemented):

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