Feedback Emotion Analysis

Conflux utilizes the power of IBM's Watson AI to analyse incoming feedback. This feature is only available for paid plans.

Feedback that is analysed will receive a score for each emotion:

Desire - Typically people that are requesting features
Joy - Feedback contains a lot of compliments
Doubt - User is usually unsure or confused
Anger - Most likely a complaint
Discontent - User is dissatisfied but is usually quite reasonable

These attributes can be used in Custom Filters to easily segment your feedback based on the senders emotion. Maybe you want to deal with the feedback from your dissatisfied users, or you want to stand out and send a reply to people that aren't expecting a reply because they sent something insulting.

Ask yourself this: have you ever had a company reach out when you said "Your service sucks!", most likely not, and most people actually don't expect a reply but the conversations you can have with those people can be very enlightening!

If you have any questions about this feature, or want to suggest something, simply reach out and we'll have a chat about it.

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